Back to the Wheel

The crew makes it back to the Wheel for more shore leave, and “M” delivers the hyperspace comm pod to the president of Isotech with Seraph accompanying. The crew has a job—use the coordinates provided in the comm pod to trace the last known location of the ship Sa Naloor, to a planet on the very fringe of known space.

The crew takes the job, gears up, but just as they are about to pick up the Isotech protocol droid which is supposed to join them, a group of Rodians tries to stop them, and clearly another crew is after the same thing they are—after almost being blown apart in the hanger bay by another ship, the Sentinal punches out and sets a quick jump away from the station.

Finally in a relatively safe part of space, the crew sets a conservative course for the planet, arriving 72 hours later….



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