Smuggler and Captain of this "CRAZY" crew


A Smuggler Thief that has found little time to thief anything. High cunning and no way to talk himself or his crew out of danger. Intellect and agility are improved too, but just enough to cause more trouble. A human standing 6 foot 1 inches, medium build and hazel-green eyes. The rest is as pictured, or to be easy, just like Nathan Fillion that played the Captain in Firefly the show. If you have not seen it, watch it. A customized heavy blaster pistol at his side, armored clothing for protection. And most importantly, a Mandalorian at his side if anyone questions his motives. I try to be good, but this crew and circumstances have altered that to … good intensions.


Little is known about Allanon before he forcibly placed himself as captain of this twirly crew. He was falsely accused of a major theft on one of the core worlds. He has since left for the “Edge of the Empire” to find work, new friends and possibly a way to clear his name. This crew has grown on him and he now has enjoyed new adventure, but has yet to find any love interests. His enemies have mostly been killed by this crazy Mandalorian with a knack for finishing arguments. Lets not forget the rest of the crew. We have already managed to steal millions of credits…and given it back; we can owe that to our engineer. And we have the best pilot the galaxy can imagine. He has managed to make every space fight simple despite the odds. Now don’t tell our droid that she is not a human, the headband is just too cool. Oka has cut off the head of every creature you can think to hunt…I am waiting to find a human head…hope not. Brace is a quiet force, but has good ideas when needed. And last, our doctor that has seen more people die than she has saved, but her ability to tap into some lost force has been beneficial, but don’t tell anyone. We are NUTS! Deal with it!


Culpeper-Edge Garwyli