Plants in Space

Heading toward a rebel space station, the crew came out of hyperdrive a bit short and ran into a rogue ship which was blasted to pieces and boarded—the crew liberated a few psychic plants, an eccentric botonist, and a pair of confused Trandoshans. Then, approaching the space station, they encountered an Imperial Star Destroyer which, after a battle was joined between the rebel faction on the space station and the Imperials, they seriously considered joining. But better sense prevailed, and they turned and headed back to the Wheel. Coming up short again on that hyperdrive jump, they discovered a strange hyperspace communication pod, and after tinkering with it, realized it had been lost in space for some time and was destined for the Wheel. Our session ended with the Sentinal docking at the Wheel and the crew preparing to seek out the president of the company which had a claim of ownership to the communications pod.

Then we played a game of Star Wars themed The Resistance.



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