Reality Split at Cholganna

Alternate reality 1, Mike GM's a new party

So we have a good problem with Edge at Culpeper C&G on Monday nights. We have too many people coming and we are prepared to allow for more players. We have split the group into 2 separate, “alternate realities.” As we try to complete the same adventure with 2 separate parties GM’d by 2 different people, we have split the group and changed reality. In my reality the crew was preparing for their decent when three ships came out of hyperspace to attack the entire crew. We all came awake to TD preparing the ship for attack. The Yiyar clan sent more ships to find out what is going on and why their first ship has not reported back to them.
We were out-numbered and out-flanked, but one thing evened the odds quickly…M. He hacked the largest ship and opened all the doors and hatches. That ship was disabled and falling to the planet. The other 2 ships was still enough to shoot the Sentinel out of the sky. Not before Seraph tried to jump to the largest ship only to be struck by one of the other ships. He watched as the last Yiyar ship struck the cockpit and the Sentinel fell out of the sky. M was not done trying to save the ship. He fixed the engines and tried to get the autopilot to land the ship. However, despite his efforts, the ship crashed. Most of the crew was lost. M could not find Mia, Brace and Oke was dead. Kasteal’s last meal was a control panel. TD, the droid was able to be repaired with a limp arm, and Allanon is badly hurt with no Doctor to take care of his traumatic wounds. Seraph quickly dispatched the crew of the lone surviving ship. We now have a way off the planet, most of the crew is dead. Seraph must assume command of the desolated crew remaining. Lets not forget that IT-3PO was left on the ship when it exploded. Will Allanon survive to lead the crew, will they complete their mission. Who is left in the prison cell on the enemy’s ship? Many questions and more to be answered Monday, Feb. 24. Come join us or come watch.



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